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Dudhwa National Park is a typical representative of the terai eco system. Dudwa, the state’s only National Park covers an area of 490.29 Sq km along the Indo-Nepal border in Kheri district. This area was notified as Wildlife Sanctuary in 1965 and later as National Park in 1977.

The Dudhwa National Park is the only place in the country to hold a potentially viable population of the nominate sub-species of the northern swamp deer (Cervusduvauceliduvauceli). Of the seven species of deer found in the country, five occur in the Park. It is also home to a sizable tiger population. Some critically endangered species such as the Bengal Florican (Hubaropsisbengalensis) and Hispid Hare (Caprolagushispidus) find a home here. Dudhwa is also the place where the Great Indian One–Horned Rhinoceros has been successfully reintroduced in the year 1984. Thirteen species of mammals, nine species of birds, and eleven species of reptiles and amphibians found here are considered to be endangered and are listed in Schedule–1 of the Wild life (Protection) Act, 1972.