Birds of Dudhwa

While moving on the forest road, a dancing peacock is a delightful sight. Red Jungle Fowl, a bird of the Sal forest can been seen in every part of the Park.

Dudhwa has a very rich bird life and there are over 450 species to be seen. The Tals of the Park are not only feeding grounds of the Painted Storks, Woolly Necked Storks or the Black Necked Storks, but also are home to a large number of migratory birds in winters. The critically endangered Vultures are also residents of the Park along with another endangered bird-the Bengal Florican.

Winters are a special time for bird watchers visiting the park, as large number of birds locally migrate from the Himalayas along with the Teals, Pintails, Pochards which migrate from the cold regions of Siberia.

The fig trees attract the Hornbills which include the Great Hornbill, Oriental Pied Hornbill and the Grey Hornbill.

The nights bring the Owls and the Nightjars tp the floor of the forest and the mysterious Chuk-Chuk' of the Nightjar brings music to the silent forest.