Travel Information


Dudhwa Tiger Reserve is open to visitors from 15th November to 15th June every year.


Dudhwa Tiger Reserve is accessible both by rail and road. The Dudhwa branch-line of the North-east Railways links Dudhwa Palia with Lucknow, Bareilly and Gonda. The Dudhwa Railway Station is right in the heart of the Park about 4 km from the tourist complex at Dudhwa.

From Delhi

1- Delhi - Moradabad - Bareilly Pilibhit ( or Shahjahanpur)-Khutar -Mailani - Palia-Dudhwa (430 km).

2- Shahjahanpur-Powayan-Khutar-Mailani-Palia-Dudhwa (107 km approx.).

3- Bareilly-Pilibhit-Puranpur-Khutar-Mailani-Palia-Dudhwa (178 km approx.)


Delhi-Moradabad-Bareilly-Shahjahanpur (N.R. 301 km) and then by road to Dudhwa (107 km).

From Lucknow


1- Lucknow-Sitapur-Lakhimpur-Gola-Khutar-Mailani-Palia Dudhwa (248 km).

2- Lucknow-Sitapur-Lakhimpur-Bijua-Bhira-Mailani-Palia Dudhwa (219 km).

Rail :

Lucknow-Sitapur-Lakhimpur-Gola-Mailani-Palia-Dudhwa (NER) (270 km approx.)